Saiba como os ingredientes naturais podem contribuir no cuidado com a sua pele - Águas de Ipanema

Find out how natural ingredients can help care for your skin

Águas de Ipanema arrives on the market adding the best, aiming both at focusing on sustainability and on delivering products with natural active ingredients capable of enhancing beauty, bringing nature closer to consumers in a rich way by delivering ingredients capable of caring for the skin and adding several benefits. Tropical Water, for example, is a multifunctional product and can be used on the face, hair and body. With antioxidant, protective and regenerating action, it also replaces mineral salts by containing coconut water in its composition, bringing a delicious sensation of freshness and can be reapplied several times a day.

The Day Energizing Oil has an extremely vibrant and energetic fragrance, with an easy-to-apply texture and a sensorial feel that brings a velvety touch to the skin. In rescuing this contact with nature, the composition brings the richness of essential oils, such as Sicilian lemon, which is excellent for focus, and jasmine and rose, which connect with self-love and, together, exude their perfect notes for the day. To bring the full hydration potential, with regenerating and healing action, the Águas de Ipanema brand adds coconut oil to this blend.

For body care, a super powerful duo within the brand's product portfolio are: Body Scrub and Body Moisturizer, both of which have a light texture, a very pleasant and smooth fragrance. With compositions extremely rich in active ingredients, they contain natural butters, oils and extracts. Shall we meet them?

The body scrub has Bora Bora sand, coconut shell, quinoa extract, vitamin E and cocoa butter. And the body moisturizer contains murumuru butter, vitamin E, coconut, almond, rosemary and sunflower oils, coconut, quinoa and avocado extracts. With the focus on self-care and self-love, routines become increasingly important to bring this perspective to ourselves and the value of nature in our lives.

Text: Gisele Barros, Chief Editor of the ALL SENSEZ Portal and specialist in Perfumery.

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