Águas de Ipanema exchange and returns policy

Please read carefully so that you do not feel disadvantaged in any way.

Rest assured and count on us!

We recommend that, before sending any product for exchange or return, you first contact our Customer Service Center via email: falecom@aguasdeipanema.com.br for proper guidance on how to proceed with the exchange or return.

Return policy:

Purchase Cancellation:

If you made the purchase through the website www. aguasdeipanema.com.br received the product in perfect condition and was still not happy with the purchase, you can request it through our Customer Service Center by email: falecom@aguasdeipanema.com.br canceling the purchase.

But pay attention to the rules below.

Deadline for canceling purchase:

As dictated by CDC (Consumer Protection Code) regulations, customers who make purchases through online stores have up to 7 (seven) days after receiving the product to register their withdrawal from the purchase.

Attention: The right to repentance is a true reflection period. Its objective is to protect the consumer from aggressive commercial practices and the fact that they are unaware of the product they purchased. However, a reflection period should not be confused with the possibility of product testing.

The desire to cancel must be immediately communicated to the service provider, following the following rules:

The merchandise must be returned via post, to the return address sent by our support.
The product must be returned in its original packaging, accompanied by all manuals.
The product must be returned accompanied by your proof of purchase.
The product must not show ANY signs of use.

ATTENTION: Products sent outside of the above specifications will not be accepted and will be returned to the sender.
Refund of Values:

Credit card: The refund may occur on up to 2 subsequent invoices.
ATTENTION: The refund of amounts is only processed after receipt and analysis of the condition of the product(s) at our Distribution Center. (The product must not show any signs of use).

NOTE: Any intention to cancel must be communicated to our Customer Service Center before sending the product(s) by means of a letter that must be included with the product to be returned.
Otherwise applications will not be accepted.

Exchange Policy:

Regarding clothing and footwear: We do not exchange products that are inappropriate for the customer: We provide the measurements in centimeters of our products so that there is no error when choosing the size. According to the Consumer Protection Code - Article 18, there is no legal obligation for the retailer to make exchanges due to consumer regret regarding color, size, model, or any other hypothesis. The right guaranteed to the customer by the consumer protection code is to exchange only in the case of defective products.

Defective products

Product with alleged Manufacturing Fault:

Products sold on the Águas de Ipanema website come with a 90-day warranty for natural manufacturing flaws.

Return of Merchandise:

The merchandise must be sent via post office to the address shown on the purchase label.
Return the product in its original packaging.
The customer must send proof of purchase together with the product.
The customer must send in writing a brief report on the alleged defect to which the complaint refers, clarifying how the product was used, frequency of this activity, etc.
ATTENTION: Products sent outside the above specifications will not be accepted for defect analysis and will automatically be returned to the sender.

Product defect analysis:

Defect assessment will be carried out by our suppliers, from where we will receive the final report on the exchange order.

Average completion time: 15 working days after receiving the product.

Favorable Report for Exchange:

The customer will receive a replacement for the same product at the origin address, at no additional cost.
If the same model is not in stock, the customer will be notified and will be able to choose another model for exchange, among the options available on the website, respecting the credit limit value.
If there is a price difference between the chosen product and the claimed product, payment of the difference must be made.

Report Contrary to the exchange:

The product will be returned to the customer with the failure letter/report, without the right to replacement.

Rejection items:

Absence of defect (failure to identify the damage reported by the customer).
Evidence of inappropriate use of the product.
Signs of accidental damage.
Natural wear and tear due to use.
Inadequate washing of the product.

Automatic cancellation of sales by Águas de Ipanema

Automatic purchase cancellation:

Cancellation of the order and release of products purchased on the initiative of Águas de Ipanema will be automatic in the following situations:

Impossibility of executing the debit corresponding to the purchase on the credit card.
Inconsistency of data filled in the application.
Lack of stock.

The refund of amounts on the initiative of Águas de Ipanema will occur in the following situations:

Impossibility of delivery of the purchased merchandise, given the non-existence of the delivery address as indicated by the buyer, or its inaccessibility. If delivery is impossible for this reason, the product will be returned to our Distribution Center, generating a refund from Águas de Ipanema of the values ​​corresponding to the prices of the products, excluding shipping costs.
If the merchandise purchased by the buyer is missing from the website, due to sales of the product, the amounts paid will be refunded to the buyer, using the same payment method used for the purchase. In these situations, the buyer will be notified of the incident.