Marca de cosméticos e skincare 100% carioca: Conheça mais sobre Águas de Ipanema - Águas de Ipanema

Cosmetics and skincare brand 100% from Rio: Find out more about Águas de Ipanema

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In the current global skin care beauty scenario, a Natural Cosmetics brand has emerged with high quality and performance products that carry in its DNA the vibrant and warm essence of Rio de Janeiro, as Águas de Ipanema is Carioca even in its name. !

A creation of experienced businesswoman Kátia Silva with more than 25 years of experience in the beauty segment, where she also worked for many years as an Executive at the L'Oréal Brasil Group, describes that Águas de Ipanema is much more than a brand - it is an invitation to experience moments of self-care and self-love, living daily the beauty that Generates Life.

Inspiration and Origins

Founded with the vision of overflowing lightness and well-being, through Conscientious Beauty, Águas de Ipanema was born from a dream created for 10 years by businesswoman Kátia Silva. Carrying with her a passion for purification and a deep bond with nature, Kátia found inspiration in the wonders of Rio de Janeiro, especially in the iconic neighborhood of Ipanema, known for its rich culture, bossa nova, arts, stunning beach and the most beautiful sunsets. beautiful planet. This deep connection with the place was incorporated into the brand's identity, bringing an authentic, carioca touch with a lot of Brazilianness to each product.

Conscious Beauty

Brazil is currently the 2nd largest market in fragrances and the 8th largest in skincare, providing more than 5.4 million jobs to the hygiene and beauty industry. With so much global uncertainty in the economic, sustainability and supply chain sectors, the brand understands that there is a movement to protect local resources, also boosting local commerce.

This being a legacy of the pandemic, it encourages consumers to reflect on the consumption of products that are aligned with the purpose of local reconnection, that is, that are financially aligned with environmental policies. Today consumers are focusing on smart financial choices without sacrificing their quality of life.

Given this scenario, Águas believes in the importance of conscious consumption and clean beauty, being a brand that meets the current needs of consumers and carries 12 seals that prove its purpose and real commitment in all stages of production, being a sustainable chain brand, without testing on animals and ecofriendly packaging that promotes the natural concept, with performance and sensorial experience.

The Water Drop Symbol

The brand's distinctive symbol - a drop of water - meaning LIFE captures the essence of purification and renewal present in every sea breeze. Representing the source of eternal life, this drop symbolizes the journey of self-love and rejuvenation that each Águas de Ipanema product offers.

Values ​​that Transcend Beauty

"Generating Life through Beauty" is more than a slogan: it is the principle that guides each bottle of Águas de Ipanema. Each product is carefully developed to provide moments of pleasure and self-love with the essence of Rio for everyone.

The sunny and welcoming essence of Rio de Janeiro is woven into each product, celebrating natural beauty in all its forms and bodies. Furthermore, Águas carries

a comprehensive approach to sustainability where every detail of bottle development is carefully considered.

Águas de Ipanema is not just a cosmetics brand; It is an invitation to embrace the lightness of life, just like the Rio sea breeze. Each product offers a sensorial experience that awakens the senses and provides moments of self-love and self-care.

Águas de Ipanema stands out as a cosmetics and skincare brand originally from Rio, with an unwavering commitment to conscious beauty and sustainability. Its products are vehicles for transformation, inviting everyone to embrace their unique beauty and experience the regenerative power of Rio’s energy. The brand not only captures the essence of Rio de Janeiro, but also transmits this essence to the world, sharing the sunny soul, vibrant energy and passionate beauty of Brazil.

Live the experience of Águas de Ipanema and discover the only journey of beauty that generates life!

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