Beleza no outono: O que adaptar nos cuidados diários para a estação?

Beauty in autumn: What to adapt in daily care for the season?

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Beauty expert and beautician lists care tips for the seasonal transition

With the arrival of autumn, our beauty care needs to be adapted to keep up with the changes in temperature and humidity that this season brings with it. It's the perfect time to renew your look and pay special attention to your skin.

After summer, a time when we are more exposed to the sun, sea water, wind, chlorine and other external factors that affect hair and skin in different ways, autumn has arrived, with its milder climate, ideal for investing in a new skincare routine. To help, the beauty expert and beautician from the Walter's Coiffeur chain, Luciana Oliveira, listed some tips and care for the new season.

Avoid hot water

With colder weather, it's common to want to warm up when taking a shower. However, for your health, it is essential to avoid taking very hot baths, which promote the loss of the skin's natural oils and leave it drier. Always try to opt for warm or cold baths.

Skin cleansing

During autumn, with the change in temperature and humidity, our skin ends up suffering from dryness. In this case, do not overdo the cleansing, which can dry out even more and, if you have oily skin, can cause a rebound effect. “Opt for gentle cleansing soaps with moisturizing power, such as Águas de Ipanema Natural Facial Foam, which provides a gentle cleansing that instantly tones, refreshes and soothes your skin.”

Gentle exfoliation

Exfoliation is a great ally in your skin self-care routine, helping to remove dead cells and promote cell renewal. “In this case, opt for gentle exfoliants to avoid irritation, especially on sensitive skin. One tip is the Aguas de Ipanema facial scrub, which provides deep cleansing, while quartz crystals and strawberry seeds revitalize the skin.”


Intensify hydration with the use of creams and lotions richer in moisturizing ingredients, which will help combat the loss of moisture caused by the drop in temperature. “One tip is Balm Águas de Ipanema, with a powerful hydration formula that combines the powerful Himagic 4D Hyaluronic Acid, which acts on the four layers of the skin, and the precious Mulateiro Oil, in addition to açaí, passion fruit and coconut oils”. Don't forget to hydrate your body! “It is very important to apply body moisturizer every day to avoid dryness, but in autumn this care should be even more intense. Therefore, opt for moisturizer in denser, buttery consistencies, such as Águas de Ipanema body moisturizer.”

Essential sun protection

Even if the weather appears to be less sunny, continued skin protection is essential, as UV rays can still cause damage to the skin.

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